Sao Tome and Principe Visa Application Guide

Our staffs will assist in all necessary formalities to get your visa. From secure and confirm your accommodation to welcome you right after your step on the terminal.


You may also get the VIC Form (Visa information Collection Form), fill in your information, and email along with your passport scan copy to us

Visa arrangement services

Your request for an e-Visa will be submitted instantly as soon as we receive your aplication and have checked all details to increase your chances of sucessfull aplication.

Landing visa made ease!

Step 1 - Fill in Visa Form
Fill in the Visa form and submit, along with passport copy. Only takes a couple of minutes.

Step 2 - Confirm and Pay
Confirm and settle the payment.

Step 3 - Get Your Approval Letter
Get the "Visa approval letter" within 5 working days.

Step 4 - Get Your Stamped
At "Landing Visa" counter at the airport when you arrive.

VIC Form - Visa Info Collection Form

Visa information collection form


Accommodation is the key of a successful e-visa application. See our lists below:

4 & 5 Star Hotel Pestana São Tomé Hotel | Omali Lodge Hotel | Pestana Equador Hotel | Hotel Miramar By Pestana | Club Santana Resort | Bom Bom Island Resort | Belo Monte Hotel  | Hotel Praia Hotel Std Hotel & Guesthouses Residencial Avenida Hotel | Hotel Bigodes | Inhame Ecolodge Resort | Mucumbli | Jalé Ecolodge Resort | Mé-zochi Resort | Cocoa Residence | Poiso Alto Guesthouse